hire then certify your inbound or outbound telesales staff

Certifying a New Hire's or Trainee's "Readiness"

New Hire/Trainee Telesales Certifications provide you with a multi-dimensional "validation" tool. Our Certification will validate the competencies of the:

New Hire/Trainee
Training Program

The Telesales Certifications will also help you measure non "sales" competencies such as: product and company knowledge, industry and regulatory issues, as well as their understanding of internal policies and procedures.

Our Telesales Certifications occur at regular intervals during, or at the conclusion of, your new hire training program. The tele-certifications are very similar to our Pre-employment Assessments but this time the content is directly designed to answer the question: Is this trainee ready to handle live customer contacts?

As you review the features and benefits, you’ll undoubtedly realize that this service, like all of our others, does not just apply to call centers.

As with every component of teleXpertise’s telesales competency program, you’ll benefit from our user-friendly, easy and state-of-the-art technology platform.

Remote digital call recording
Call evaluations
Call storage to a client-specific hyper-secure website
FTP email delivery and transmittal of calls and evaluations
CD/DVD delivery of calls and evaluations
Customized evaluation forms, including objective and subjective feedback

Telesales Certifications

inbound and outbound telesales certifications are not just for call center staff
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Benefits of Telesales Certifications
New Hires & Trainees

Enhances the Quality of New Hire Training- In addition to certifying the trainee, the certification process will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your trainers and training program. This will save you money, improve the quality of the training program and enhances the trainer's skills.

Eliminates Guesswork- At the conclusion of the certification you'll know precisely what skills to focus on in order to get the trainee up to speed. Once again, this reduces overall costs and employee turnover.

Improves Customer Satisfaction- As a customer there is nothing more frustration than navigating through a phone tree only to end up speaking to an ill-prepared or under-trained employee. Our certifications will not just save you money they will also increase profits, customer retention and reduce lost opportunity costs.

Increases Employee Morale - A prepared employee is a satisfied employee. By reducing the frustration associated with ill-equipped employees, you are improving morale, retention and the overall atmosphere of your call center or sales organization.

Reduced Legal and Regulatory Risks- Our certifications will help you avoid the negative publicity and save you thousands of dollars by reducing your exposure to fines, violations and penalties.