Increased Personal Commissions and Branch Revenue

If I was recruited to a new company, I’d make you guys one of my negotiating points. I would consider teleXpertise part of an overall benefits package. As a result of your recorded telephone mystery shops and evaluations we have been able to approach our customers in a more confident, strategic and deliberate manner. The outcome has been tangible - more income for my staff and incremental revenue for my branch. This doesn’t even account for repeat and referral business that we are certain to profit from in the future.

60% Reduction
As a result of teleXpertise’s pre-hire telesales assessments, the turnover in our call center has decreased by over 60%. What differentiates teleXpertise’s assessment program is that it is not some out-of-the-can web based program. They have assessors conducting live telesales assessments. Their conclusions and recommendations are subjectively presented and we utilize them as a basis for building a more stable, profitable and satisfied sales force.

Conversion Rate Increases by 250%!"
teleXpertise’s Sales Synergy Sessions™ are as advertised – synergistic. It is not uncommon for the learning process to be instantaneous. There is nothing theoretical or “fluff” about it. The very first call I handled after our last Sales Synergy Session generated 3 leads from a single call. Prior to the Session, I didn’t know how to approach that type of call.

$3,500 Per "Save"
By utilizing your quality monitoring services, we are able to instantly identify missed sales
opportunities. Your ability to pinpoint these revenue-enhancement opportunities allows us to
recapture what might have been a lost sale. Each recaptured sale generates over $3,500 in gross revenue. Talk about ROI!

What Service!
In addition to the quantifiable financial benefits, your team’s responsive service was most
appreciated. Your willingness to revamp our 1,000 mystery call campaign in less than three weeks was nothing short of a miracle. More impressive was the fact that you didn’t use it as an excuse to jack-up the price.

Easy & User-friendly Website
Your technology platform is impressive yet simple to use. I was able to master all facets of it
in less than a half-hour. It didn’t take but a few weeks for me to become the in-house expert. I am able to train new hires in less than 15-minutes.

Automatic Email Notifications
The fact that we receive instant email notifications when a new call is posted to our website
eliminates all the guesswork. With our old provider we had to go up to the site several times a day to see if any new content was posted.


recorded telephone mystery shops inbound and outbound
pre-employment skills testing reduces turnover
telesales staff are highly motivated by Sales Synergy Sessions
Recorded calls and evaulations are transmitted via FTP email
Recorded calls, evaluations and reports are stored to secure password protected website