inbound and outbound telephone mystery shopping, secret shopping, calls recorded

Not Just for Inbound Call Centers
Not Just For Outbound Call Centers
AKA Mystery Calling, Secret Shopping

Versatility of Telephone Mystery Shopping

Small, medium, large and even Fortune 500 companies utilize inbound and outbound telephone mystery shopping services for many of the same reasons as on-site mystery shops. They realize that how an employee answers the simplest question can make the difference between more business and lost business. One hospital suffered an immediate Telesales Profit Gap of $25,000 as a result of their response to the simple inquiry, "Where is your hospital located?" Within months that Telesales Profit Gap grew to over six-figures!

teleXpertise’s inbound and outbound Telephone Mystery Shopping services are an invaluable tool for evaluating employees who simply cannot be shopped in-person. Some examples include employees in catalog fulfillment, switchboard, PBX, Internet "chat", airline/travel reservations, telesales, telemarketing and other inbound or outbound call centers.

When you hire teleXpertise to execute your telephone mystery shopping campaigns, you'll have access to our user-friendly, easy, and state-of-the-art technology platform. As with all of our telesales services, you'll also be entitled to all of these benefits.

Digital call recording
Call evaluations including objective and subjective feedback
Call storage to a client-specific hyper-secure website
FTP email delivery and transmittal of calls and evaluations
CD/DVD delivery of calls and evaluations
Customized evaluation forms, including objective and subjective feedback
Customized and skill-specific evaluation forms for telesales, customer service, inbound, outbound, or other core competencies

We’ll help you design a targeted inbound or outbound mystery shopping program so that when we execute the campaign you’ll enjoy the Benefits of Telephone Mystery Shopping listed below.

Who Utilizes Telephone Mystery Shopping Services

Telephone Mystery Shopping

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Improved Customer Service—Your employees will know they can be shopped at any time. This translates to immediate behavioral changes. The not knowing when means they will be on their toes whenever they handle a call.

Increased Sales Revenues— By following your company’s pre-established telesales protocol on a consistent basis your telesales force will close more sales, set more appointments, upsell/cross-sell more consistently, and improve other telesales metrics.

Reduced Lost Opportunity Costs—Regardless of the industry you serve, department you manage, or employee classification, a telesales opportunity can present itself on every inbound or outbound call. Failure to handle the call correctly will result in lost opportunities to retain current customers. You’ll also lose an opportunity to acquire new customers.

Consistent Branding—Slick marketing campaigns shape your brand image. How the telephone is answered can cement your brand image. A well conceived and consistent telephone mystery shopping strategy will leverage the investment in, and increase the ROI of, your telesales and marketing efforts.

Benchmarking & Competitive Positioning
—Shopping your competition allows you to gain insights into their telesales competencies. As important, you can exploit their Telesales Profit Gap to increase your market share.

Legal and Regulatory
– A “compliance” telephone mystery shopping campaign can save you 10 even 100’s of thousands of dollars by reducing your exposure to fines and other penalties.

Benefits of Telephone Mystery Shopping Services