recorded telephone mystery shopping FAQs

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Call for info on inbound and outbound telephone mystery shopping and call recording services

How can telephone mystery shopping benefit us if we are not an inbound or outbound call center?
Studies show that almost half of all consumers will place an inbound call to an establishment prior to making their initial visit. Whether they need to verify directions, store hours, coupon policy, check product availability, confirm advertised prices or general product/service information. A telephone mystery shopping campaign can help identify profit gaps that go far beyond how polite and pleasant the employee was. A recorded telephone mystery call can help you identify the accuracy of the information being offered. It can also identify if your employees are optimizing the opportunity to cross/up-sell. Are Yellow page advertising, direct mail marketing, radio, television and other media designed to make the phone ring? Or do you invest in them to increase revenues? Telephone mystery shopping calls help convert rings to revenues.

How will I know if telephone mystery shopping services can help my specific business?
We recommend that you pick-up the phone and place as many calls to your competitors as possible. Listen to how they handle inquiries. Keep in mind these inquiries are the same inquiries that your employees are handling. Also, keep in mind two other critical factors.
The competitor you are calling probably thinks their employees are doing a great job handling the calls. What did you think? Do you think your employees are as effective? What did you learn that could make your operation even more effective?
Your competitor may very well already be employing recording telephone mystery shopping services. Part of their program may include shopping your employees as well.
The call you placed probably was not recorded. This means you likely heard or learned half of what you could have. All of teleXpertise’s telephone mystery shopping calls are recorded.

My company already does telephone mystery shopping but we use our own employees to place the calls. Why isn’t "in-sourcing" a more economical means to achieve the benefits?
It depends on several factors.
First, do you record the telephone calls? If not, how can you be sure the shoppers sound “real?” Moreover, how can you be sure that their evaluation of the call accurately reflects what really happened?
Next, how consistently do your “shoppers” place the calls? Are they making these mystery shopping calls in between their other duties? What is their full time job and how much does it cost to take them away from their primary function?
Even if your “shopper” is dedicated 100% to placing the mystery shopping calls, teleXpertise can provide you with a broader range of services that go far beyond just the calls. We can usually do this for less than your internal program.

If I decide to start making telephone mystery shopping calls, do I have to make them every month?
Your company, industry or business model may be better suited for quarterly or semi-annual campaigns. Many factors go into determining the ideal frequency for your situation. Consistency is more important than frequency.

Are telephone mystery shopping calls placed at random or can we schedule them according to our business needs?
Our mystery shoppers place calls 24X7X365. If you want to place calls only during designated hours, days or weeks, we can establish a customized calling program for you.

If we invest in telephone mystery shopping, do we also have to have teleXpertise evaluate the calls?
We would love to be part of your telesales evaluation and skills enhancement program. However, if all you want us to do is place mystery shopping calls and provide you with the recorded call, we can limit our service to that too.

Are there any geographical boundaries or restrictions to telephone mystery shopping?
We can place mystery shopping telephone calls anywhere in the US and most places in Canada. We do not offer mystery shopping services outside of these regions unless it is to a call center.

Where are your mystery shoppers located?
Our shoppers are located all over the United States and Canada. We do not offshore any of our work to any other locations.

Is there any limit to the length of a mystery shopping call?
No. We place calls ranging from several seconds to well over an hour.