Quality Monitoring Call Recording & Evaluations
Inbound & Outbound Call Centers

teleXpertise: Your Quality Monitoring Department

►Quality Monitoring
►Quality Assurance
►Quality Control
►Call Audits

Each industry may refer to it by a different name. Over the years inbound and outbound call center managers have called it many of the names listed above, but they were all looking to outsource their essential call recording “quality” needs. The “quality” needs are precisely the ones that our outsourcing services will help your call center with.

►Random or liability call recording
►Call analysis and evaluations
►Summary reporting
►Agent coaching
►Supervisor call calibration coaching
►A multidimensional perspective: telesales, telemarketing, customer service, script adherence, order taking, accuracy, policy,
procedures, legal and regulatory perspectives

When you outsource your call center’s Quality Monitoring program to teleXpertise, you’ll benefit from our user-friendly, easy and state-of-the-art technology platform.

Remote digital call recording
Call evaluations including objective and subjective feedback
Call storage to a client-specific hyper-secure website
FTP email delivery and transmittal of calls and evaluations
CD/DVD delivery of calls and evaluations
Customized evaluation forms, including objective and subjective feedback
Customized and skill-specific analytics for telesales, customer service, inbound, outbound, and other core competencies

Why do small, medium and Fortune 500 companies outsource their inbound and outbound call center’s quality monitoring functions?

Quality Monitoring Outsourcing

quality monitoring outsourcing call center evaluation form
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Capital Equipment Savings— Inbound and outbound call centers that do not currently have call recording hardware and software can save 100’s of thousands of dollars by outsourcing.

Technology Obsolescence Savings
– Rather than purchasing the never-ending software and hardware updates, inbound and outbound call centers can avoid technology obsolescence costs by partnering with teleXpertise.

Labor Savings—Small and medium size call centers who don't have a dedicated quality monitoring department will save 10’s of thousands of dollars in salary and benefits by outsourcing some or all of their inbound and outbound call recording and call evaluation needs.

Less Pressure and Stress— Rapidly growing call centers can’t always keep up with the increased call volume. A quality monitoring department accustomed to reviewing 200 calls per month can suddenly find themselves overwhelmed by many multiples of that. Rather than trying to hire new staff under these pressure-filled and stressful conditions it makes sense to outsource the increased volume.

Improved Morale—Even the perception of unfair call recording and evaluation practices undermines the integrity and effectiveness of a quality monitoring department. Employee morale improves dramatically when an independent third party evaluates the calls.

Scalable Efficiencies— The business demands of your inbound and outbound call center can vary widely on a monthly, seasonal or business-cycle basis. Rather than being saddled with fixed costs in down times and hiring/training/infrastructure costs in your high season, it makes sense to outsource some of these variable costs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Quality Monitoring Functions