Genuine Resume Validation

There is no shortage of reliable software and web-based pre-employment tests; or call center simulation variations. For some call centers these off-the-shelf employee testing programs are an ideal employment screening tool. However, these standardized simulation assessments can’t always adequately address the position-specific core competencies. This creates a hiring gap. This ultimately leads to an avoidable Telesales Profit Gap.

teleXpertise’s recorded pre-employment tests fill this hiring gap. Thereby reversing the Telesales Profit Gap. Our pre-hire skills testing and pre-employment assessments are conducted by live assessors. The content and criteria are highly customizable, so you are measuring what’s important to you, not a standardized call center pre-hire or pre-employment testing software program. At the conclusion of the telesales assessment, the assessor provides a subjective written evaluation with a corresponding recommendation. The assessment report is accompanied by the recorded telesales assessment content.

Whether your business model involves hiring employees directly or employment agency temp-to-perm hiring, our pre-hire skills and pre-employment testing and assessment services will provide you with many benefits that traditional call center pre-employment tests cannot.

As with all of our services, our pre-employment telesales assessments are not just designed for call centers. Moreover, this service offers you the same user-friendly, easy and state-of-the-art technology platform.

Digital call recording
Call evaluations including objective and subjective feedback
Call storage to a client-specific hyper-secure website
FTP email delivery and transmittal of calls and evaluations
CD/DVD delivery of calls and evaluations
Customized testing formats

We’ll help you design a targeted pre-employment testing and telesales assessment program so you can enjoy all of the benefits they have to offer. Pre-hire leads to pre-empting.
 Pre-empting a Telesales Profit Gap.

Pre-Hire Telesales Assessments

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pre-hire testing, employment tests, telesales, call centers, retail
pre-hire testing, employment tests, telesales, call centers, retail
Resume ValidationUp to 70% of all resumes contain misrepresentation. Our live pre-employment assessments can easily uncover the employee’s misrepresentations. This eliminates the tangible and intangible costs associated with hiring an unqualified employee.

Limitless Outcomes. Not Multiple Choice
Our assessors can react on the fly to a candidate’s statement or behavior. Our reactions are not limited to multiple choice outcomes like standard call center pre-employment tests. As such, our telesales assessments are more realistic because a candidate doesn’t have the luxury of making multiple choice guesses.

Live Assessors -
Moreover, you can speak to our assessor if you want to target different core competencies with each candidate. You don’t have to wait for new call center pre-employment testing software code to be written. Your targeted needs are addressed real time.

Recorded Assessments
You can hear for yourself how the candidate sounds, reacts and handles specific telesales situations. One more factor contributing towards reducing employee turnover.

Subjective Written Summaries Rely on our expertise to guide your employment and hiring process. Whether you utilize our Pre-employment testing and telesales assessments for the inbound and outbound call center employee, summaries as your final employment decision or as a coaching tool for the new employee, you’ll be saving money and time, while  reducing the frustration associated with high employee turnover.

Benefits of Pre-hire Skills Testing
Pre-employment Telesales Assessments