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Do you really know what your employees are saying?
At teleXpertise we pay acute attention to every inbound or outbound telephone call we handle. Our attention is every bit as evident even when we handle calls from telemarketers or survey takers or existing vendors (banks, credit cards, etc.) at home. We do this because our mission is to listen to, critique, evaluate and improve our clients' telesales proficiencies.

Over the years, we have become committed to the idea that the essence of evaluating a call, is to evaluate it from the customer's perspective first. Interpreting the call from a customer's perspective means that we are as attuned to what your customers are hearing; not just what your employees are saying. With that as a premise, we'd like you to listen to an audio case study.

Do you really know what your customers are hearing?
By clicking on this audio link, you'll listen to a 58-second case study. As you listen to it, do it from the customer's perspective first. Then listen to it as an evaluator, manager or from a perspective other than the customer. (This is the “anonymous” version of the call.)

This was an actual call I placed to a Fortune 200 bank in 2005. I wanted to get more information about Health Savings Accounts. Several weeks later, I approached the branch manager of this bank and we listened to the call. I asked her to identify potential service gaps. She was proud of the service her employee offered but uncovered two service gaps nonetheless. I pointed out that there were at least 10 more! When I shared the additional service gaps with her, she conceded that the gaps she identified were trivial compared to the ones teleXpertise identified. When I asked her how she planned on handling these service gaps she responded, “The more I think about it those really weren't service gaps.” As I started to respond, she interrupted me, “They're not service gaps…they are PROFIT GAPS!”

Did you identify at least 10 Profit Gaps? If not call 877-767-6762 to compare notes.

Do you really know what your customers are saying?
Several weeks after this call, the bank was advertising a CD special. Their promotional rate was easily the highest in the market. Despite this attractive rate, I didn't even bother calling. I took my business elsewhere. They lost the deposit account and the real possibility of earning far more business in the future. So what was this customer saying, “Thanks. But no thanks.”

The Telesales Profit Gap in action!

Our mission is to turn your Telesales Profit Gap into a Telesales Profit Center.


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